The Muff 'n Men pittsburgh's competitive mixed club ultimate team
The Muff ’n Men is a mixed club ultimate team based in Pittsburgh, PA with the goal of being competitive at the highest level supportable by the Pittsburgh ultimate community.
Dix y Chix
Dix y Chix was created in 2014 as a B team for Muff 'n Men because of the high level of interest shown by the Pittsburgh ultimate community in competitive mixed ultimate.

Muff 'n Men & Dix y Chix are holding tryouts for the 2015 Club season May 2/3 & 9/10. We would love to invite some of Pittsburgh's college ultimate players who will be around for this summer to come try out! If you are interested in trying out for us please complete this form.

Here is our teams' current try out schedule:

May 2/3 - Tryouts both days
May 9/10 - Tryouts both days
May 16/17 - The Muff 'n Men Tryout Tournament - Bell Crack
May 30/31 - Tryout Tournament - Cin City

There will be cuts throughout the tryout process, as well as a rolling tryout for people who cannot make any of the above dates.

Questions? Contact Muff 'n Men and Dix y Chix at

The Muff 'n Men Tournament Schedule:

May 16/17: Bell Crack Tryout Invite, Oaks, PA = 3rd place finish
May 30/31: Cin City, Cincinnati, OH = 2nd place finish
June 20/21: Northeast Open, Middletown, NY
July 18/19: Philly Invite, Allentown, PA
Aug 1/2: Chesapeake Open
Aug 29/30: Sectionals
Sept 12/13: Regionals

An average tournament cost is $80. Depending on your preferences (floor sleeping, cheap meals, etc) a player could spend on the low end $40 per tournament and on the high end $125 per tournament. The average price for the 2014 season was $570 with a low of $270 and a high of $870.

Additionally, a full jersey kit costs on average $100. There are also generally some small administrative costs for field rentals and other team purchases that total around $10-$20 for the season.